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Service and Support for People with Autism  

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                       ABOUT US AND OUR HISTORY


International Autism Foundation (IAF) is a not for profit organization located in Canada.  It is a registered society with the Province of British Columbia and a foundation in good standing with the Federal government of Canada.    A volunteer group of parents and board of trustees manage its resources and activities.

It was officially established in 1994 in Northern British Columbia. However, as early as 1992,  IAF parents already began its operations.

Historically,  International Autism Foundation intended to promote educational supports for children attending their town's community school. The parent founders  extended IAF services to provide community outreach socialization programs for special needs students registered in School Board 57.

By year 1998, IAF expanded its services to include Autism classrooms in the Lower Mainland  of British Columbia.

By year 2010, IAF offered its services to children with Autism outside Canada.  IAF continues to fulfill its role as an international organization by reaching out to clients located overseas. It has a positive reputation in Southeast Asia. It engages in legal Federal and Provincial disclosures of all activities, revenue and expenses. IAF supports  organizations that promote life long learning of children, adults and families affected by Autism.

International Autism Foundation operates its  Special Education Missions Autism Training (CSEMAT) program. CSEMAT is the international outreach program of IAF. Through this special education mission, communities within the Autism Spectrum service countries of IAF receive support in functional education, socialization and other areas of life domains.

The International Autism Foundation (IAF) located and founded in Canada in 1994 fulfills its international mandate. IAF reaches out to children with Autism in other parts of the world.

Any other Autism organization claiming to have the same name is not affiliated with us.