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Service and Support for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder 

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IAF Programs and Activities

Socialization allows clients to participate in friendship activities and meet other people outside their homes.

Functional Skills Training is for clients to participate in activities that promote daily living skills with emphasis on independence and semi-independence of the individual.

Health and Nutrition activities give opportunities for clients and their families to participate in healthy eating habits. Parents receive training and education on healthy meal shopping and preparation.

Recreation is a group-centered activity where clients spend leisure and enjoyment with each other and their families.

Physical Fitness  clients  engage in activities that promote exercise and sports.

Personal Grooming refers to provision of resources for clients to meet their personal hygiene needs.  A CSEM case manager and the client’s legal guardians further determine the child’s personal grooming necessities.

Development of Hobbies and General Interests  is an area of learning where children explore their capacities in fine arts, music, mathematics, etc. This activity allows a client to discover possibilities and talents beyond Autism. With the assistance of the clients' caregivers and case manager, strategies on how best a client can express his/ herself emerge.

Vocational Program Skills Training is a community-based practical activities where clients learn skills they can use in a real-life livelihood/ work place or employment settings. 

Parent Support Group allows parents to attend Autism workshops, online autism-issue discussions, and online consultations on the struggles of daily living with a child with Autism. Workshops and training are done in our service countries.

Friendship Groups are support networks of close relatives and friends for the purpose of addressing the clients future needs. IAF-sponsored friendship groups help map the clients' future directions for when parents are no longer available or present. Regular friendship group meetings enrich the lives of IAF clients to become aware of themselves, their uniqueness and positive times they share with each other.

Transition to Adulthood  As children with Autism approach adulthood,  parents realize that new and different complexities of raising a child with Autism evolve. This program provides family and group counselling, placements of able clients in various gainful employment opportunities or in a self- employment business type model. Transition allows clients  access to basic health care, dental and regular medical consultations.